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I have decided to disconnect from social media for four days. Why? Because I cannot stand all of the negative news. All we hear about are all the horrible things happening in the world and it’s depressing and overwhelming. The idea that I brought children into such a world is even more overwhelming.


We are constantly bombarded with these messages about how divided we are as a nation and a people. How many things are broken and need to be fixed. Only we cannot seem to figure out on how to agree on a solution for anything. It seems like leaders are more interested in fixing it by their method rather than finding a solution for the people.


I’m tired of not being able to read the news, something that is supposed to be a reliable place to get factual news. Instead, we are subjected to biased rhetoric trying to persuade us from one side to another.


So, because of all of this and more, I have decided to stay off Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat. This is particularly hard because I am still friendless in North Carolina. I have to say though, I am not really feeling the withdrawal and it’s day two. My goal in all of this is to really try and view the world around me. Is it what people are saying? Is it really as bad on every level as the media portrays it? Or can I look at my neighbor on the left and on the right and find goodness there?


That’s what I plan on finding out even after I return to the world of social media.


Can I find goodness in the people around me?





Mommy Blogging

June 2, 2017 § 3 Comments

A lot of my friends have suggested that I start a lifestyle blog, essentially this would mean that I mommy blog. I have nothing against mommy blogging. I am a mommy, I do blog, but there is a difference, I think, between my blogging and what mommy bloggers do (for the most part).

Most mommy bloggers tend to talk about how wonderful being a mommy is. And while there are aspects of motherhood that I love, there are certainly more that I do not. You see, I am a stay at home mom out of necessity not out of the desire to raise up my children. To put it simply, it’s too expensive to send my children to daycare. So, I stay home, do school around nap times, and find the happy in my situation until things can change. I am not miserable, but I just don’t feel like motherhood is where my talents are best utilized. That is to say, I don’t think I am a fantastic mom.

Now please, I do not say that to get sympathy because I am happy in my life now, but you won’t find me making arts and crafts with my little ones every day. I don’t fill up their days with activities and play dates, they don’t eat everything organic, I didn’t even nurse for God sake! So, how can this mom, who isn’t thrilled about having to take my kids to the park during the day because she hates to sweat supposed to mommy blog? Aren’t mommy bloggers supposed to LOVE every second being moms?

My blog would consist of the struggles that fill my day. Teaching my son that cornering his sister with the hose will not make her want to play with him. Teaching my daughter that screaming for every, little thing is not the way to get what she wants. Potty training battles, the correct way to wipe your own butt, etc, etc, etc. Believe me, people on my Facebook will tell you that I complain, and highlight my mommy fails a lot. But I find that this is the way that I vent. This is how I get through my day, by venting, writing, photographing, documenting my struggles. I feel like people can relate to that more than they can to this idea of the perfect mom.

I am sure I will write about my mommy fails here from time to time, but I am not sure that’s what I want my blog to be about.


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