Raising Jack

June 30, 2017 § Leave a comment

It’s nights like tonight, in the small moments of quiet, that I find myself reflecting on my parenting. Specifically, how I parent my son, Jack. 

You see, from the moment Jack was born he has been strong willed, active, a bit of a bull in the China shop. He doesn’t quit until his eyes are shut, nestled in bed, but even then his active mind moves his body without him even knowing. I hear him talking in his sleep over the monitor, and smile to myself. 

But then something happens. I begin to think about everything that is involved in raising this strong-willed, 100% boy. A lot of discipline, a lot of fussing, a lot of lost tempers (his and mine), and a lot of tears (his and mine). His constant need to voice his opinion, his side of the story, his version of the truth, is usually met with listening ears, but also, with consequences. I believe in teaching my children that they can choose to do what they like. That they know the rules and may choose whether or not they want to follow them. However, if they choose not to follow their are consequences. Time-outs, toys and iPads being taken away, they have free will but it best for everyone if they listen and follow the rules. 

Jack has begun to make the right choices with more frequency, which makes us both happy. But I always wonder, am I being too hard on him? Am I being too strict? Not strict enough? Will he grow up, and only see me as someone who was always on his case, or will we have a relationship? 

The idea that we wouldn’t brings tears to my eyes 

I know that I am not the only one who has a strong willed child. I know consistency is key, and that it may be trying now, but the reward comes later when he settles down into being a respectful child. 

But sometimes it’s hard. 



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