Two Posts, One Day

June 2, 2017 § Leave a comment

Two posts in one day?! Whaaaaa?????!!!!

Freelance writing is something I have wanted to do for a couple of years now. I like the idea that I can work from home, continue to enjoy my kids, and make a little money. I don’t see myself writing the next great American novel, but I love writing! Not for fame or recognition, I mean, that would be nice. But I want to write, and be good at writing. I want people to read what I write, fiction or nonfiction, and enjoy it. I just bought, The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood, and I was genuinely thrilled just reading her introduction. Her words were so moving as she told the story of how she came to write her novel! I thought, “This is how I want someone to feel reading something that I write.”

Writing feels like … freedom. It feels like I can get all of these crazy, jumbled stories and emotions out of my head. It’s the freedom to write about how I feel, and what I think is so freeing! I don’t know if that is just me, or if it’s something all writers feel, but it is one of the only things I feel truly passionate about in my life.

But where to begin? This is where I need guidance. I have no professional experience in writing, however, I think it is time that I start acquiring some. There is another problem, confidence. I have very little in my writing. Yes, I have asked my friends and family to read my work. Can I be frank? While I love them dearly, I don’t know that I can trust their opinions. I know they wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings, this means that they are honestly critiquing my work. I just want someone to say, “YOU SUCK.” If I do, in fact, suck. Or that I am good if I am good. I need validation.

So, if anyone has any advice on how to start freelance writing from the ground up, or how to create a writing portfolio out of thin air, let me know!




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