The Niche I Can’t Scratch

May 28, 2017 § Leave a comment

I love writing. I always have, I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t writing or creating stories. When I was young I would fill notebooks front to back with hand written stories. Little fictions that filled my imagination and couldn’t help but spill out on the page. However, I find myself older and much more hesitant to write. Everyone is always saying that if I just find my niche, that one thing to write about then I could be happy with it. My blog would be better, perhaps it would take off because I would be more focused.

This dear reader, is my issue. I cannot seem to find that one thing I want to write about. My life is not the stuff of legends. There aren’t endless adventures and hilarious stories to let out into the universe. I love my life, but I am not in any kind of place that I would believe my life to something someone would want to read about. No, the day to day humdrum that I love so dearly probably would not be something someone wants to read.

Fiction, why not just write my stories for the world to read? This is so personal. I find that I put so much into my stories, so much heart and feeling, that the idea of rejection seems … defeating. I know, I know, I want to be a published author and rejection is part of the process. But this, somehow would be different. So, I hesitate.

I don’t travel, I am not into fitness, I love food, but enough to write about? That’s debatable. Hair, makeup, and fashion have eluded me my whole life, so that’s a no. Politics is too much, music, movies, and television are possibilities, but WHAT????

I guess I can experiment and perhaps, dear reader, you will tell me.



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