Merry Christmas! 

December 26, 2016 § Leave a comment

I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas and a great holiday season!  

I have to say, as I sigh a massive sigh of relief that I am more than glad that it is over! Christmas, as I remember it, was full of food and great memories of happy moments with family. I remember opening gifts and playing all morning until Christmas lunch was done cooking. The aroma of warm southern cooking filled the air and I ate until my heart was content.  I remember the warm glow of the fire place, the twinkling lights on the tree, and watching classics like Peanuts and those sweet little claymation movies. Ah, yes, the good ole days. 

Now, however, Christmas is a time to wake up extremely earlier after having spent the night wrapping gifts and brewing coffee half awake. Stumbling on wrapping paper that greedy little fingers can’t seem to pick up. I love my children but seriously, it’s called a trash can. Not to mention sweating and slaving over the meal that needs to be ready on time so I can put the kids to bed strategically enough to where they nap together and I can rest for a millisecond. Oh all the while I’m trying to keep the Christmas spirit alive when I have little more than enough energy to stay awake. 


All of this said, Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I love seeing my wildlings so excited about their gifts and enjoying all the yummy food that you only get on this very special holiday. I admit, I need to probably incorporate more about the true meaning of Christmas, but I’m sure I can try again next year. 

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope the holidays find you all in your happy place! 


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